Welcome to Moondust, an up and coming fantasy webserial. Moondust is new and still getting on it’s feet, but there will be at least one update a week, usually on Wednesday.

For as long as anyone can remember, there have been stories. Stories of fairies and dragons and witches and magic. For thousands of years they were given the respect and awe they deserved, until recently. With fairies pictured as harmless little sprites who sleep in lanterns, mythical creatures nothing more than lies told to children to keep them in their beds at night. The power of magic is not waning, but with only a few still believing in them, life is harder, they hide, waiting for their time to come again.

Meanwhile, out of hiding, in the “real” world, the exiles of Faerie remain. Some have joined up with Witches, perhaps even without telling them there was a faery in their midsts. Many of them tire of hiding, and without knowing it, are working towards bringing magic back to the forefront – science to be left behind, where they believe it belongs.

You may start at the beginning or the newest update.


Moondust will contain most likely Paganism, Swearing, Violence, Supernatural themes, possible adult content and other fun things. Please don’t read if it’ll hurt your brain or upset your Mother. Thanks!